Monday, September 15, 2003

Adventures in Advertising

So I caught this commercial late the other night, in which a perky blonde woman introduces us first to a brunette woman who has a roll of toilet paper mounted above her kitchen sink. The brunette is "washing" dishes using only the toilet paper. The blonde says that you'd never wash your dishes like this, right? Cut to a naked man (from the waist up, of course) in a shower stall, with a similarly incongruous toilet paper holder. He is trying to scrub something brown from his face and body with the paper, without much success. The perky blonde appears in the bathroom and explains that you'd never try to bathe like that. "Of course not, you need water!" The shower turns on, and the man looks more relieved than Matt Damon hearing that the wedding is off (think about it).

The ad is for this. And while the product itself seems like a pretty good idea, I'm dying to know who thought that the man with his entire body covered in shit was really the best way to sell it.

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