Friday, September 19, 2003

Blow Winds

So if I have to go home because the building is making me seasick, I should get paid for the whole day, right?

Seriously, I don't mean to whine about this. The tropical storm (as it was by the time it got here) barely grazed NYC last night, and was over much faster than expected, leaving a beautiful blue day behind. Well, beautiful, blue, and wicked windy. The minor creaking of ceiling tiles in the office yesterday has given way to full-on Pirates of the Caribbean sound effects, most of which I'm pretty sure are coming from the support column next to my desk. I've spent much of my life in tall buildings and have never experienced anything like this. I'm not concerned for my safety or anything, but I genuinely am quite queasy.

Last night at Boy's office there was a rumor that some glass had fallen off the upper floors of the building and landed on the sidewalk. We strongly suspect that rumor wasn't true, but it got him out of work an hour early anyway.

I keep listening for a crash or a splash, but so far no luck.

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