Saturday, September 20, 2003

The continuing battle of the missing E

Yesterday I received this e-mail from MCM:

So, I need to join a gym. There's a Crunch just six blocks away from my
office, so I made an appointment to go get the spiel, get a tour, etc.
tomorrow. That was all well and good... until I actually walked by said
Crunch last night on my way to dinner and saw their big sign: "Crunch - No

And then I was sad.

I know she expected a certain amount of support from me, but I think this just proves my point that judgment looks weird without the e. A quick glance at Crunch's website suggests that they're pretty good at proofreading, so I did what I should have done last week and went to Apparently, judgement is an acceptable alternate spelling.

But I'm not going to change the title of the blog, because I don't want to make MCM or Faustus cry. Especially since they make up about 40% of my readership.

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