Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I'm Trendy!

The "Shaw Report" in this week's Entertainment Weekly (aka, The Bible) says that Judging Others is "in," Judging Yourself is "five minutes ago," and Judging Amy is "out." Who knew I was so trendy? (Or that Judging Amy was ever in?)

I realize, actually, that this blog has so far not made very good on the promise of its title, being very TV-centric, and somewhat light on the actual judging of others. In an odd and entirely unforseen turn of events, no one has really pissed me off much in the last couple of weeks. And I certainly never saw that coming!

This morning (spurred (credit where it's due!) by both a reading I saw last night, about which I may blog a little later, and by a correspondence with ME), I've been pondering the fact that, while it's fun for me to spend so much time contemplating the fall TV season, it would actually be much nicer if I didn't have that time to spend.

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