Thursday, September 25, 2003

Karma Chameleon

I swear I'm not trying to copy or trump MAK's enlightening post about Margaret Cho today, but I've just discovered (thanks to this site) that Boy George has a blog!

I'm usually pretty immune to celebrity worship...or at least star-struckness, working in the business we call show as I do. I'm sure if I were working on Taboo I would be totally cool and professional with him.

But I'm not working on Taboo, and dude, Boy George has a blog!!

He seems to have similar views to mine on stupidity, rudeness, and customer service. He's also a David Bowie fan, but I suppose that shouldn't come as any kind of surprise. He also, though British, spells judgment without the extra e.

This is the most exciting thing to happen all week.

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