Saturday, September 27, 2003

More belated Emmy commentary

I'm so glad Jennifer Garner got to present with Victor Garber this time and not with Mickey Mouse. This may be a weird show but at least it's not as embarrassing as the Oscars.

Yay, Debra Messing!!

Boo, Debra Messing's gown!!

Okay, yay Debra Messing again -- she's so cute!

I suppose I should say something snarky about the speech by the president of the Academy, but I'm just going to fast forward through it.

God, he's even boring on fast forward.

Aw, Walter Cronkite is cute on fast forward. He looks lke a Muppet.

Ooooh, a 24 commercial! They've kept a tight lid on the new season, so that was exciting!

Martin Short has an Oscar? Seriously? That's a joke, right?

I've always liked Tony Shalhoub, but I've never seen Monk and probably never will, so I'm disappointed anyway.

Where did Henry Winkler's neck go? Okay, no snark, he's doing a John Ritter eulogy.

Oh, God, I hate the Death Montage. There are always people I'd forgotten had died. This year it's Nell Carter and Lynne Thigpen. It would have been nice if they'd spent a little more time on a tribute to Mr. Rogers (I realize you have to pay for the full article in that link, but I guarantee it'll make you cry if you grew up in the Neighborhood).

I don't really have anything to say about Marg Helgenberger, I just like saying "Helgenberger." Helgenberger, Helgenberger, Helgenberger!

Oh good, Steven Spielberg won an award. He doesn't have enough of those.

Hm...the DVR has officially let me down for the first time. The Emmys ran over and I didn't record it. Oh well. That's the end of my Emmy commentary then!

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