Tuesday, September 16, 2003

On a happier note...

So just because I'm not doing a diary-style blog doesn't mean I'll never reveal anything personal here. So I feel I should explain that my boyfriend (known here as Boy) is also named Adam. For some reason, this baffles people. I mean, Adam was one of the most common baby names of the mid-70s, and we're both boys, so these things happen. It's not like we did it on purpose to fuck with people (though I sometimes wish we had).

The most common question is, "Doesn't that get confusing for you guys?" Um, no. If we're talking to each other, it's pretty clear that we're not, y'know, talking to ourselves. And I'm continually surprised when people who know me pretty well but don't know the Other Adam, listen to me tell stories involving him and think (sometimes for days) that I'm talking about myself. (Not that my stories go on for days, but days will go by before they realize what I meant.) When have I ever referred to myself in the third person without being utterly facetious about it?

One friend of mine told me that while she never gets confused when she's with us or talking to either of us, she recently discovered that it's hard to tell stories about us, especially not knowing the Other Adam's last name. I'll buy that. In groups, whichever one of us is newer to the group of friends gets the Other Adam moniker, and if we're with people who met us together then we're known as "The Adams." We thought we'd heard every variation on that ("The Adams Family," etc.) until the other night when the hostess of a party said to a new arrival, "These are my friends Adam."

Anyway, today is our 2nd anniversary (which in gay years is like the 10th) and every day I'm surprised he still puts up with me. So it seemed like a good excuse to talk about him a little. For the record, he keeps me much warmer than my Buffy tapes, even when he's not around.

Love you, Boy. :-*

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