Saturday, September 20, 2003

Something strange has happened

Several friends have commented that I seem to be blogging more than I originally intended. I don't think this trend will continue for very long, but since the blog is new I can safely spew about whatever I think of without fear of repeating myself, and the amazing mind-numbing, soul-crushing life of a temp certainly lends itself to lots of navel-gazing and writing.

So that's not the strange thing. Now that I have a blog of my own (and now that I have a complex about how many people are reading it and how often and how they get here) I've tried to explore the blogging world a little more. Not like I'm making a big project out of this (and see above re: the need to entertain myself at work), but I've been checking out some people who've linked to me (hey, thanks!) and randomly clicking on the recently updated links on Queer Filter. And what I'm finding, to my surprise, is that there are a lot more smart and funny people out there than I'd thought. Go figure. Not like I thought I was special (cranky gay man bitching about pop culture...not exactly original), I just figured the good ones would be harder to find.

So check out the links list on the right as it grows...just promise you won't decide you like them better and not come back.

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