Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Why why why?

Somewhere way deep down in my subconscious, I must believe that I've done something terrible in my past and deserve to be punished. Why else would I have watched Whoopi again?

The Iranian character is afraid of Asians because he thinks they all carry SARS. See, and it's funny because Americans think all Iranians are terrorists... it's funny...fu-- heh...heh...hoh, jeez...

The good news is that watching NBC for a while gave me a chance to see the new Coupling commercials. It seems the summer teasers that I had judged so harshly weren't actually scenes from the show (though they were bits of the same dialogue). The new spots are much better, so I think I was a little hard on the (perhaps under-rehearsed?) actors when I compared them to high school students doing Shakespeare.

Still, the whole thing seems redundant. If you're going to clone the original in every word and movement, why not just watch the original?

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