Friday, October 31, 2003


Some random thoughts on this lovely All Hallows Eve...

I'm not at all embarrassed to say that I greatly enjoy The View. And I have the utmost respect for Barbara Walters both as a serious journalist, and in her reinvention as a daytime personality. However her choice to not only dress as Marilyn Monroe this morning, but to spend the entire show doing the worst impression of her ever, was tragic. There's no way to say this without being mean, but she's just too old to pull it off. She gave drag queens everywhere a bad name.

I thought it would be nice to get some candy for trick-or-treaters on my way home, and there were so many children out on the streets that it took me ten minutes to get two blocks from the subway to the Rite Aid. Yes, children in costume are cute, but when there are hundreds of them between you and your goal, to say nothing of their idiot parents and gargantuan strollers...not so much.

Apparently, in this neighborhood, kids trick-or-treat in stores. I can't really explain how odd I find this. When I was growing up in Manhattan, we'd join whichever friend lived in the largest apartment building (in my case my very wealthy friend Josh, who lived in the gigantic Apthorp on Broadway and 79th) and go door-to-door in the building. We got something close to the suburban trick-or-treat experience, but we were indoors and safe and warm and our very happy parents usually didn't need to accompany us. The buildings aren't as big in Queens, but there are also lots of houses, and surely better places to dress up and get candy than the drug store!

It makes me kind of sad. It also makes it extremely difficult to shop. By the time I got to the candy aisle I was so irritated with the little fuckers that I briefly considered getting sugar free "mocklate," because "excessive consumption of malitol may have a laxative effect." That seemed like a fun trick to play on the children of Sunnyside. Then the first candy I saw was a bag of Christmas Hershey's Miniatures. That pissed me off on a whole different level, and I thought it might be a good way to fuck with the kids' heads. But in the end I got Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, because they're my favorite, and I can bring the leftovers to the party I'm going to tonight.

Because I know you were all terribly concerned, I thought you'd like to know that my Bill and Opus t-shirt now looks like this:

I didn't think the dye would take to the printing on the shirt, or I would have used a lighter color (it actually photographs better than it looks in real life, thanks to the magic of flash -- the design is a little too dark now), but I'm happy I can wear it in public now without looking like Pigpen. Hopefully I won't need it past 2004.

My vintage tee craft project also inspired me for tonight's Halloween party. I'm going to go as 1993. One of the t-shirts I unearthed at my mom's place (exact one to be determined), slightly too-tight jeans, flannel shirt, Doc Maartens, and a bandana. Okay, so really I'm going as myself in 1993 more than the year itself, but I think it'll read pretty well.

The irony (on a purely personal level) is that just a few months ago at my high school reunion, I did everything in my power to look as little like I did in 1993 as possible!

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The People Have Spoken

I love the creativity expressed in Halloween costumes this year.
This girl in my Bio class came to school on Friday dressed as 'Capitalism in a Prom Dress'.

Kudos to you for the '1993' idea. Sounds like you hit the nail right on the head.
Chelsea | Email | Homepage | 11.01.03 - 6:29 pm | #

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