Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Eye of the Tiger

I'm finding myself strangely moved by the plight of Roy Horn and I'm not sure why. I mean, not that I'm callous enough to not be moved at all by another person's pain, but come on, it's Sigfried and Roy! So easily and frequently mocked are Sigfried and Roy! (And the photo in that CNN article is proof of why.) But I can't deny that they're talented, even if I don't personally enjoy their particular brand of "magic" and cheese. And by all accounts Roy is a very nice man. Then there are all those people (over 200) the show employs.

I stand by my conviction that if you choose an exceptionally dangerous line of work, you have to expect this sort of thing (and after 30 years or so without an accident, you're tempting fate), but it still must just suck to get mauled by a tiger.

In a curious bit of timing, there's been a local story about a man who was keeping a tiger and a crocodile in his apartment. His Harlem project apartment. They discovered this when the tiger (I imagine quite understandably pissed off about the cramped quarters) took a chunk out of the man's leg and he (the man) had to go to the hospital. Apparently the downstairs neighbor had been complaining about the noise, and about the tiger urine leaking through the ceiling, but that didn't get the Housing Authority's attention. I imagine she didn't actually know what the source of the problem was, or she would have called the Animal Cops.

This time it's the tiger for whom I feel sorry, not the mauled man. He (the man again) has said that he kept wild animals inappropriately because he "wants to prove that we can all get along." The hell? It's not like you were keeping children of all races in your bedroom (though now that I write that I realize that's icky in whole new ways), you were keeping a freaking tiger and crocodile, two animals that were never meant to coexist with each other, let along with a human. He's said that the tiger was like a brother to him. Yeah, a brother who bites your leg down to the bone. The tiger seems more evolved than the human.

It's just a bad week for tigers and flamboyant German queens alike.

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