Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Fox...oh, Fox...

You know, I say "Fox...oh Fox," out of habit, really, as if it's still 1989 and all the other networks haven't sunk as low if not lower. Fox has actually had some quality stuff on the air since the Married With Children days, but I still think of it like it's...well, like it's UPN.

Anyway, I'm done with Joe Millionaire. It's not that the women are skanky without being entertaining or interesting, or that David is pretty and charming without being smart or interesting, that the only vaguely appealing women were voted off last night and tonight, or the terrifying cleavage on Hosty McUseless at the first elimination ceremony. No, it's the condescension of the producers that's driven me away. Do we need to see not only a recap of the entire premise of the show, but of last season at the top of every episode? Do they think anyone is still watching who doesn't know what the deal is? Except for all those women watching in Europe, I mean. Even more disturbing is the fact that Fox seems to think that the average American needs subtitles to understand a woman speaking with a slight accent. I mean, do they? I dare say that these women speak English, despite the occasional goof, far better than most people I know (myself included) speak any of their languages. And these don't all seem to be the brightest of women either. I'm pretty impressed, and the subtitles just baffle me. But let's face it, there's no moral high ground here, it's just dull as dirt.

So I'm done. Of course, when I say "I'm done," I mean I'm going to continue watching it but not tell anyone.

Then there was Skin, which I have to admit I'm enjoying, though I'm not sure why. I realize that Romeo and Juliet was an inspiration for the show, and no one ever intended to make R&J: The Series, but I would have liked them to stick with the idea for a little bit longer. This week was all about Jewel's housekeeper/nanny/whatever taking on the role of the nurse, but otherwise they've pretty much played it out. I mean, it's not like Shakespeare invented forbidden love and political enemies. Adam and Jewel had sex at the end of last week's episode (both awfully soon into their relationship and awfully prettily for two virgins, if you ask me), and by that point in Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt and Mercutio (who seem to have no parallels in Skin -- do these kids have any friends at all?) are already dead, and the next thing that happens is Romeo's banishment, followed shortly by some poison and a happy dagger.

I'm really enjoying the adult actors, though, especially the woman who plays Adam's mom. The adult storylines are far more interesting than the kids' (take that, Lady Montague!) and I'm interested to see where they go. Where can the kids go? If they break up, no more show. So we get to watch them sneak around behind their parents' backs until they (hopefully) die messy senseless deaths.

Meanwhile, over on SpikeTV (which is really worthy of an "Oh, SpikeTV"), the other Joe, He Who Shall Be Called Schmo, was a total let-down as well. Do I really need to spoiler-proof this? I guess I'd better play it safe for any crazy reality-TV fans out there... [spoiler]

I haven't watched 24 yet. And the way things are going I don't have much hope.

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I think most of the stuff out this season is absolute crap. I'm spending my nights working out, drawing, reading or sitting on the patio having a cocktail. Maybe it's a good thing now that I think about it.
Mark | Email | Homepage | 10.29.03 - 9:55 am | #


Here's what's disconcerting about Joe Schmo: I was channel surfing the other day and would, of course, have surfed right past "Two and a Half Men"... were it not for the fact that I suddenly thought, "Hey, that's Earl, guest starring on Two and a Half Men!" Similarly, recently saw a car commercial with Brian in it... "Hey, that's Brian, in a car commercial!" I fear these actors are going to haunt me forever....
mcm | Email | Homepage | 10.29.03 - 12:14 pm | #


Serves us all right for watching, mcm.

And that's ALL that you find disconcerting about it??
Adam875 | Email | Homepage | 10.29.03 - 1:22 pm | #


Ok, that probably should have said, "Here's what I find disconcerting *today*"
mcm | Email | Homepage | 10.29.03 - 3:14 pm | #

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