Saturday, October 04, 2003

I hate everyone

One of the bits of useful information I got from the Amazon phone lady was that while they can't control which shipper their various warehouses use, if you have a PO Box, they will have to use US Mail, or another shipper that can deliver to a post office. In other words, not UPS.

There is a post office a half block from my house. Unfortunately, due to some quirk of ZIP code planning, it is not my post office. I live on the edge of a postal zone whose office is a mile away. So even when I do get a package delivered by regular mail, I have to get on a subway to go and get it.

What's worse, my mail carrier is not exactly reliable. I'm convinced that there are days when he just doesn't bother to show up, and my magazines are often missing.

So this morning I thought I'd just kill three birds with one stone and get a PO Box at the local office. Solve all my problems at once.

There's a freakin' waiting list.

I'm back on that gypsy curse theory.

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