Sunday, October 19, 2003

I hope the real CIA isn't this dumb...

I've been very unhappy with Alias this season. It's still one of the best shows on television, but that just means I hold it to a higher standard. By now I'm used to the show surprising me by taking 180° turns in its mythology, so when last season ended with the cliffhanger that Sydney had lost two years of her life I wasn't the least bit surprised, and trusted JJ Abrams to make it all make sense.

But it just seems like everyone's become stupid during the two years that Sydney was away. I mean, we all know (and the characters do too) that Sloane and Sark and maybe Irina were responsible for the big fight that left Sydney unconscious at the end of last season. But now some other evil group we've never heard of is now believed to be responsible for Sydney's lost time. What, and they just happened to drop by to kidnap her and burn her house down right at the same moment that the other super-villains conveniently took her out of commission? Does no one at the CIA watch television?

As a loyal viewer, I got really invested in the Rimbaldi storyline, the one constant through the various twists and turns of Sloane and SD-6. To have it blown off with one line of exposition after the summer hiatus feels cheap. This is what Sloan has been obsessed over for his whole life, and what the show had supposedly building up to for 2 years, and there's no payoff at all?

Meanwhile, in the land of new characters, Mrs. Vaughn is so clearly evil it's painful. I'm not saying this because I'm all that upset about the whole Syd and Vaughn thing, but just because -- well, look at her, listen to her, how could she not be??! Of course, we all know that in the world of Alias, "obvious" rarely is, but I just really want her to be evil and die badly. Her hair is too shiny to be good. I think it's not the character, but the actress who bugs me.

But tonight things started to come together, and the show seemed to hit its old stride. I was extremely excited by [spoiler]

So things are looking up, and there's a crop of new premieres this week, so life is good. It's a good thing I don't have a job or anything to eat up my free time.

Old Comments:
I haven't watched last night's Alias yet, so I haven't read the spoiler section or know what you are excited about, but I still have faith. I haven't let go of the idea that Sloane and Co. are still at play in this some how. I mean, why keep Sark and Sloane around if they aren't still going to come into play? I could be way off, so we'll see. Oh, and also, I hate Mrs. Vaughn.
Carrie | Email | Homepage | 10.20.03 - 10:13 am | #


Oh, I have complete faith that Sloane is involved, I'm just baffled that the other characters don't as well.
Adam875 | Email | Homepage | 10.20.03 - 11:58 am | #

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