Sunday, October 26, 2003

I'm all a-tingle!

I'm very excited about the last round of fall TV premieres coming up this week now that that game with the stick is finally over and done with. We have 24, which looks promising based on the commercials (I was hooked yet disappointed last season); Tru Calling, in which I have little faith (sorry) but I must watch it because of my love for Eliza and the supernatural drama void in this season's overall lineup; Arrested Development, which looks brilliant and twisted and will therefore probably go the way of Andy Richter Controls the Universe; and the long-awaited returns of The Simpsons and The O.C. (bitch). Something that wasn't on anyone's fall previews, but that I'm drawn to like a car wreck based on the commercials: Average Joe. I'm intrigued, but I have a feeling I'll need to shower after watching it.

Hmm...seeing all that written out I'm no longer sure why I'm excited....

As one door opens, another closes. Tuesday brings the finale of The Joe Schmo Show. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all ends, and also looking forward to simply seeing it end. I'm smart enough to feel embarrassed and kinda dirty watching this stuff, but dumb enough to get hooked anyway. I guess that's the definition of a "guilty pleasure." You'd think by now I'd know not to even start watching. Not so much.

On another TV note, Boy and I watched this week's Coupling, and it didn't quite suck. Which is ironic because it was the last before NBC puts the show on hiatus until December. It was also the first not based on a BBC script, and not written by Steven Moffatt. And as much as I adore Moffatt and the original series, it was kind of better this way. Not better than the original, but better than watching this cast try to copy that one. The American writers managed to remain true to the characters while finding their own voice. And it worked. Still, a sit-com is a sit-com. I realized that one of the most irritating things about this Coupling is the laugh-track, which is one of the most prominent and annoying I've ever heard. Um, people, that doesn't actually make the show any better. In fact it kind of makes it worse, because instead of the titter I might have had naturally, I'm thinking, Wait, that wasn't that funny....

Y'know, kinda like this post.... [laughtrack]ha ha ha ha whoooo ha ha no he di'in't![/laughtrack]

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