Thursday, October 16, 2003


Does anyone know what happened to NBC this week? They announced a full schedule of new stuff and instead they're showing all reruns. Reruns three weeks into the season? It's absurd! What a tease!

For god's sake, I was forced to watch Whoopi again!

Anyone know what the deal is?

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Baseball, dude. It's all about the baseball - last night was a pivotal (if ultimately DEPRESSING) game.
mcm | Email | Homepage | 10.17.03 - 9:56 am | #


Yeah, but it's not like NBC didn't *know* there'd be a game. Yes, I know there might not have been a 7th or whatever, but they shouldn't have announced a week of new eps and then pulled them! Bastards!
Adam807 | Email | Homepage | 10.17.03 - 11:12 am | #


very, very depressing.
me | Email | Homepage | 10.17.03 - 3:43 pm | #

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