Friday, October 03, 2003

UPS Saga, Part 3

Excerpt from the e-mail I just received from

I have reviewed our previous correspondence with you, and I offer my sincere apologies for any misunderstanding thus far.

Further, I am sorry that even the second shipment did not reach you because of a problem with the shipping address.

In such cases, the packages are typically returned to us by the carrier, and upon receipt of the return we will issue a full refund...Unfortunately, we are unable to re-ship orders that are returned to us as undeliverable....

If this is an outdated address, you can remove it from your account by clicking the "Your Account" link at the top of our home page...

And my response:

> I have reviewed our previous correspondence with you, and I offer my
> sincere apologies for any misunderstanding thus far.

Well, that's great, but you obviously still aren't paying attention. Please stop parroting policy at me ("We are unable to reship orders...") and read carefully.

There is no "problem with the shipping address." The shipping address is my home. I am not stupid. I would not have something sent to an "outdated address."

The problem is that UPS has delivered this package to SOMEONE ELSE. I understand that orders that are returned to you will be processed for a refund, and would wait patiently IF the package were on its way to you.

However, the package is NOT on its way to you, because it was delivered by UPS to SOMEONE I DON'T KNOW.

I have initiated a trace with UPS, and I understand that we may have to wait for them to figure out what went wrong in order to process my refund. However what I asked in my original e-mail to you, was if there was anything you could/should do on your end to expedite this process. The answer to this question may well be no, but the question has not actually be answered.

I do understand your policy on undeliverable packages and refunds, and I also understand that I may have to wait. However I would like YOU to understand that this particular situation is an unusual one, and it's not clear to me how it fits in with your normal policy.

As you can see from my account history, I am a loyal and long-time user, and I would like to continue to be one. But you have got to improve your customer service procedures. How about making it possible to find a phone number on your website? How about making it possible to reply directly to the representative who contacted me originally, instead of the generic "orders-reply" address?

I am perfectly capable of reading the Help section of your website. It is very clear. If I am writing to you it is because, as the link to do so states, I did not find what I was looking for. It is not the least bit helpful when you reply to my e-mails with a stock answer from the FAQ, apparently without even taking the time to read them all the way through.

Thank you,

Clearly, I'm over this.

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