Thursday, October 30, 2003

Welcome back to the O.C., bitch!

Aaaaaahhh, The O.C. How is it that what should be the worst thing on TV is turning out to be the best?

I think there's something to be said for a show that embraces its badness. Sure, The O.C. is trash, but it's quality trash. It tries to have a certain level of quality in the writing and acting, but at the same time doesn't pretend it's anything other than a cheesy guilty pleasure, revelling in the ridiculousness of the genre (Marissa had to be airlifted out of "T.J.??" What, they don't have hospitals in Mexico?).

Unlike, say, Skin, which is trying to be all high-brow with the Romeo and Juliet thing, or The West Wing, which seems like it won't be satisfied until every character is a miserable wreck, The O.C. is just good clean tawdry fun with the drama queeniest bunch of 25-year-old teenagers west of the Mississippi.

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I love The O.C.! Especially Seth!
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