Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Where's Paula Abdul when I need her?

I didn't watch last season's American Idol past the first couple of audition episodes, but I really like Clay Aiken (especially in his first audition, before the stylists tried (and failed) to un-geek him).

Still, it never really occurred to me to buy his album, especially after I got sucked in and bought the first AI compilation album, and was shocked by how bad and bland even the people I liked sounded.

Then I heard him do his new single (which, as near as I can figure, is a sort of 80s throwback about stalking) on some talk show or other and I really really liked it.

So I went to the iTunes Music Store (since I would never ever download music illegally, of course), which up until now I've been very impressed with. I didn't give it much thought and figured I'd just click and buy the whole album. It's so easy, and lots of new releases only cost $10, so even if I only like half the songs it's a pretty good deal.

Only iTunes doesn't have the full album. They have the full album except for the first single. I assume this is to prevent people from only buying the one song. What does it say about the record company's faith in Clay that they assume no one actually wants his album? Kinda shitty if you ask me. Of course, they may be right. Since the only way to buy songs was individually, I listened to the previews of them all and didn't want to spend 99 cents on any of them. Oops!

I'm still bummed to be without a copy of "Invisible," but I'm glad they managed to screw themselves out of my impulse-purchase money, since now I refuse to buy any of it. And I like how I'm occasionally naïve enough to believe that a company like Bertelsmann gives a shit about my fifteen dollars....

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