Sunday, November 23, 2003

Hairy Fishnuts?

I can't believe I've posted four times today. Just one more, 'cause I've got a gripe.

Opus returns today, only I haven't been able to find him. As someone who actively mourned when Bloom County ended, this makes me extremely cranky. I was all excited to hear that Berkeley Breathed was not only starting a new strip, but starting a new strip with my beloved penguin as well.

Yet I have no idea where to read it.

Breathed's website asks people to write their local papers to get them to run the strip (because his insistence that it be printed at a full half page and not shrunk down into oblivion is making it tough to get picked up, apparently), yet there's no corresponding page telling you who is running the strip.

Nor can I find it anywhere online, including the site of The Daily News, which ran both Bloom County and Outland back in the day.

So can anyone shed some light on this please? Where can I find it? I want my penguin back!!

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