Sunday, November 23, 2003

TV Wrap-Up 11/16-11/22

I'm finally (mostly) caught up on my required viewing from the past week. I've been out a lot of evenings this week, and actually leaving the house during the day. Or at least being productive and tackling projects at my desk. So there hasn't been much TV time. Is it awful that I didn't really miss it? Still, it turned out to be a really good week overall (in TV Land I mean...well, and I had a good week too). Here, as promised, my random thoughts in no order whatsoever:

Alias wasn't on this week and it's still the best thing on TV.

It's All Relative is getting steadily worse. Which is a shame. Come on, a dead swan? (That was actually last week's; I watched it and decided to skip this week's.)

The OC is still fabulous. I can't believe I like this show this much. Not that I don't watch plenty of embarrassing crap, but the thing is I'm not embarrassed. This isn't a Creek-style guilty pleasure, this is genuinely good television. on Fox. Go figure. Could Seth be any more of an idiot? Or any more adorable? I realize the character was born in the mid-80s, but has he not seen Some Kind of Wonderful like the rest of us?

Arrested Development's still not doing it for me. Except when David Cross is around, which is odd, because I usually find him fairly off-putting.

The Simpsons Evita parody was disappointing, especially after the love-letter Entertainment Weekly wrote to it. Still, it was better than any live-action sitcom on American TV, and wins major points for the "Rainbow High" spoof with the line, "This cute-ing up suits me / There's beauty within me / So let's Olsen Twin me / Give them someone to love..." And having nothing in the plot for Homer to do led to some of the best, weirdest, most random moments ever. Best Joke goes to the hearing test line, though.

The West Wing is back! And by back, I mean it's good again! There was continuity (something I'm hyper-aware of as I've been watching the Bravo reruns). There was decent lighting. There were pretty location shoots in DC. And best of all, Stockard Channing (the show's biggest asset in my opinion) came back and we had a prime example of the thing I've missed most: [spoiler]

Carnivale: Woah! Naked Nick Stahl! And he bathed! It all makes up for the screaming bunnies, which made me very sad.

ER: Again, I say woah! I've only seen a couple of episodes in the last few years (what is it, 20, 30 years now this show's been on?) but I got sucked in by the commercial. And woah. Great special effects work on the helicopter crash, and I never expected [spoiler]

I haven't actually watched Survivor yet, but thanks to a certain blogger I read who doesn't spoiler-proof, I know who got voted off, and I can't say I'm surprised. [spoiler]. Another thought about Survivor that I've had all season: Even in this day and age of Queer Eye (the other show from the week I haven't gotten to yet), I think if you're a man who shaves his chest and you go on Survivor, maybe you should let it grow out for a while before taping starts. 'Cause man, these guys are looking ragged and weird.

Why oh why do I even consider watching Smallville? Once again, the commercial grabbed me, and once again, the show suck suck sucked. I recently caught a rerun of the pilot, and it showed such promise. It was clever, it was fresh. There were those great costume touches like Clark always wearing blue with a red backpack or jacket. But now it's just ridiculous. I can't even think about the plot enough to write about it.

I still haven't watched a single episode of 24 this season. Which is just weird. At this point, it's been so long that I just kinda forget that it's on (though the Explorer 8000 Home Entertainment Server continues to dutifully record it for me). Now it requires a major time commitment to catch up. Which isn't bad, necessarily, as 24 is served well by watching several episodes at once. I just haven't had the time, and I've got day work coming this week. Maybe after Thanksgiving?

And finally, the creepiest commercial I saw this week (though not creepier than that AT&T Wireless commercial), is for a digital camera with an obscene amount of zoom. The camera is sitting on a table in a park, and it zooms in, through a crowd, on a pretty girl, all on its own. The girl is alone and appears to know she's being photographed, though the camera is 20 or 30 feet away. The girl also seems to be enjoying it. We've established that I make my own narratives to these things, but what I took away from this ad was, "Our camera is the best on the market for stalking! It's so good that whomever you're stalking will be so impressed with your, um, equipment, she'll drop everything and sleep with you! Digital Camera: The perfect way to compensate for your small penis."

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