Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Ah, that didn't take long...

So I took two package slips to the post office yesterday, but there were three packages (I recently ordered a whole bunch of holiday gifts on Amazon, including from a couple of Marketplace Sellers, so this is not surprising). The clerk said I'd probably find the third slip at home, and I should ignore it. But I got no mail at all yesterday, furthering my suspicion that my mail carrier sometimes doesn't bother to deliver. Then today I get a slip that doesn't seem to match any of the packages I picked up yesterday. And since I've been home all day I suspect they never tried to deliver anything at all. I'm not too terribly bothered by there being a mystery package waiting for me at the post office, since I'm not in any hurry to have it and can always wait for a second notice before schlepping out there to get it. I'm much more concerned that if this new notice is in fact for a new package, it means I never got the slip for the third one. I mean, is it really that hard to fill out a little yellow card and leave it in my mailbox? You're already making the trip! I think I have to make one of my goals for when I move getting out of this ZIP code.

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