Tuesday, December 09, 2003

(Christanukah) Spirit Fingers!

My usual Scroogishness seems to have vanished. Maybe it's the great Thanksgiving I had, or the snow storm last weekend, or just the fact that it's finally December and all the hoopla seems appropriate, but I am fully in the holiday spirit. Constant Christmas music in stores and on the radio is actually making me happy (though to be fair, I've so far avoided hearing the Waitresses' "Happy Christmas," or "The Christmas Shoes" this year), I haven't felt drowned in a sea of tourists, and I'm generally chipper and excited for present giving and getting. I got really ambitious and I need to check my list twice but I think all my Christanukah shopping is done and all that's left is the wrapping. The cards I ordered from Broadway Cares came today, and I'll probably deal with them next week. God help me, I'm jolly.

What the hell is wrong with me???

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