Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Lisa Ling, why have you forsaken us??

I can't watch The View anymore. I just can't stand the new girl. I think they were wise to hire someone a little more conservative, because the other four ladies clearly lean to the left. The thing is, I get the impression she supports Bush not because she actually believes in him -- or, for that matter understands a word he says! -- but because she feels like she's supposed to. Make an intelligent argument for the Republicans and I'll listen, even if I don't agree with you, but don't sit there and say "But he's the President!" (as Ms. Hasselbeck basically did this morning) as if that means something.

Madeline Albright has come out with this conspiracy theory that Bush knows where Bin Laden is and is waiting for a politically advantageous time to capture him. They were discussing this this morning on the show, and Hasseltwat whined "I just have a hard time believing that the President would put his political needs ahead of our safety. He just wouldn't do that." Um, yes he would!!! And I'm not (just) Bush-bashing here. Clinton probably would have done it. Dean and Gore too. It's politics! I broke the TV trying to reach through the screen to smack the shit out of her. Be conservative if you wish, don't be a naïve moron.

But now, all is redeemed, because Battle of the Network Stars is on Trio. Of course it's a legendary bit of pop culture kitsch, but I've never actually seen it before. Who are these people? It's amazing how completely un-famous most of them are now. Ooh, there's Billy Crystal! He looks about 16 years old. Oh, this is dangerous. I think my reality TV void may have just been filled by a 25 year old show!

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