Friday, January 30, 2004

And plumb they did

When I came home and found all of the contents of my bathroom once again in my living room, I got pissed off, but further inspection revealed that I have a brand new bathroom floor. Since the old bathroom floor was fugly, I'm pretty happy about this.

I'm also worried that they're going to come back next week, which would be bad, since I'll be in tech for my show and can't deal with coming home at 2 AM and having to clean my bathroom in order to be able to shower six hours later.

So there's grit in my tub, and my sink, and inexplicably in my kitchensink (and the dishes therein), plaster dust all over the bathroom walls and tracked throughout the apartment, and I'm getting woozy from some sort of fumes, all for a leak that wasn't in my apartment anyway, but the one below it and who cares about them, but at least I have a shiny new floor!

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