Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Clearly, I'm becoming obsessed

Okay, so I'm watching American Idol, and Simon and Randy both just told a 17-year-old girl that she was "terrible," and that she "should never sing again." Which is all part of how this show works, of course, but the thing is she wasn't that bad. She wasn't Idol material, her voice wasn't mature enough to pull off "Fever" with any credibility, but she was a gazillion times better than some of the horrors on last year's show. Sure, the judges have now been through days of auditions and hotel rooms and jet lag, but why make this girl cry?

This contrasts starkly with one of the auditions I watched last night (from Atlanta, I think). A beautiful, built, blond man came in, and Paula immediately started to grin an even bigger grin than she grinned the first time Justin Guarini eye-fucked her in season one. Seeing this, Randy and Simon got up from their chairs and went behind the backdrop, leaving Prettyboy to kneel behind the table and serenade Paula "privately" with "Sunshine of My Life." He didn't suck. The male judges came back, and everyone made a big show of pulling Prettyboy away from Paula, who was grabbing his leg to keep him near.

This guy was obviously getting through to the next round. He's a decent singer and looks like a pop star. So why all the blatantly staged shtick? As if that wasn't enough, they then gave the guy some decent, constructive notes. Why couldn't they do the same for my girl in L.A.?

The more important question, I suppose, is why do I keep watching?

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