Sunday, January 25, 2004

Does it count as a celebrity sighting?

I was in a bar last night and Adam from Average Joe was there. He looks exactly like he does on TV, except kinda short. This means that Melana must be teeny tiny.

He was with friends, clearly having a good time (lots of smiling with his bigteethbigteethbigteeth), and from a distance he appeared to be just as goofy and happy as he was on the show. If anything, a little more self-confident. At one point I heard him yelling, "That's not average! That's not average!" I wonder if he was talking about the prettyboys from his season, or the frighteningly below-average guys in Hawaii. Or, perhaps, something completely different seeing as how he has a life beyond the show.

It was a weird moment, because I got kind of excited, then immediately felt kind of dirty about it, because he's not a real celebrity. And yet clearly he is, because it was actually Boy, who'd seen maybe an episode-and-half of the show, who pointed him out to me. (Apparently his thought process went something like this: "Hey, it's K! No, it's just some guy who looks like K, but with bigger teeth. Hm, that guy from Average Joe looks like K but with bigger teeth. Hey, it's that guy from Average Joe!" But that's recognition no matter how circuitous.)

I called MCM, who wanted me to tell Average Adam that we'd been rooting for him, but I figure he gets that enough, and he was already having to contend with a group of drunk gay men doing a terrible job of pretending not to notice the insta-celebrity in their midst.

So I ignored him and his humungous teeth and went about my business, and thought about how I should blog about this and tried to come up with a witty or insightful conclusion about it. I failed.

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