Wednesday, January 21, 2004

It's COLD, we GET it!

I won't pretend the sub-zero weather we've been having in NYC is fun, but you know, we cope. I bought a new jacket on sale (because "spring" inexplicably starts in January in the fashion world) and life goes on.

Yet the local news has made this the top story for a week. We get interviews with window washers, hot dog vendors, and other hardworking people who have to spend all day outside. I feel for these people, understand that they need to work to make their money, and it makes me grateful for my heated, ground-floor workplace. But I also don't think it's very newsworthy that there are people who work outside. We can see that. It's not like when it rains they run an interview with some guy going "Hey, I'm wet!"

Yet this morning they interviewed a woman about ice. Not like some ice expert, just a random woman on the street, who had such helpful advice as "wear shoes with good traction," and "walk slowly." Woah! I never would have thought of that! That explains why I've been falling down all week!

That's really my favorite part of the news this month: the "tips" for staying warm like "dress in layers," "close your windows," and "don't use your stove for heat or you could blow up your house." Is there really nothing else going on in the world? Are New Yorkers really this stupid? And if they are, do we want them to stay warm?

I just don't think the media should be fucking with natural selection.

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