Monday, January 26, 2004

More TV (no twist)

I just finished reading Entertainment Weekly's 2004 Preview issue, and was quite pleased to read about this spring's Fox dating show, Playing It Straight, in which a woman is wooed by 14 men, half of whom are gay. I don't think it will actually be any good, but for the people who got politically pissed off about Boy Meets Boy and said "They'd never humiliate a straight person like that," well, yes they would, and now they have. Though of course there's always the strong possibility that it's the gays who will be made to look like clowns.

I'm far less excited about Bravo's (not kidding) Straight Eye For The Queer Guy, though I suppose in the interest of equal time it's only fair.

I'm catching up on last week's American Idols, and I just can't figure out how to feel about them. I had just blogged about the producers building people up only to have Simon and Randy (and this season, even Paula!) knock them down, a girl performed appallingly, and was met outside the room by her friend who told her "They just don't know what real talent is." Now, I'm all for supporting your friends, but I think that support should often take the form of "Maybe you shouldn't humiliate yourself on national TV." So I just don't know what to make of these people. It's depressing to watch them cry, but it's funny to hear them sing. In the episode I'm watching now, Simon just said "You might as well call the third season, 'American Idol 3: The Deluded.' It's astonishing. We've run two seasons of this show now. I think it's safe to assume that most people understand that the people who've won the competition can sing in tune and can sing really well. And then you go out on the road, and these people turn up who can't sing a note in tune, and yet they believe that they are the second coming.... And I'm the one who's crazy." I'm with Simon. I want to feel bad for these people, but they bring it on themselves. I'm all for a healthy self-image, but when I, with my relatively low self-esteem and inability to sing a song in a single key, can be confident that I'm much better-looking and probably a better singer than most of these people, I can't feel a ton of sympathy when they subject themselves to the ridicule so freely and obliviously.

I guess it's just futile trying to bring a sense of morality to "reality" TV.

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