Thursday, January 01, 2004

(Not So Much) Fun With Playlists #4

I like to believe that my musical tastes are pretty diverse. I have around 400 CDs, and while there are certainly a great many cast albums and movie soundtracks, they coexist happily with the entire catalogs of The Beatles, R.E.M., Midnight Oil, Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls. There's classic rock, 80s pop, 90s alternative, some boy bands, some Britney, and even the Dixie Chicks. True, there's no real country, no death metal, no rap, but to look at the shelf I also wouldn't say that there's a predominance of any one genre.

My iPod apparently disagrees with me.

The thing about having so many CDs -- plus tapes, records, and downloads -- is that I never listen to a great many of them. It's not that I don't like them, I just never think to put them on. So now that pretty much everything (or at least highlights) is on the computer, I've been making a point, when I'm not in the mood for anything specific, to set My Precious on Shuffle and just let it go.

As if the Sondheim DVDs and that ancient mix tape hadn't made me feel faggy enough, here's a genuine sampling of what played on my trip to New Jersey last weekend (the trip wasn't as long as this list suggests, but there was a lot of track advancing):

Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson
You're Nothing Without Me - City of Angels
Victim of Love - Erasure
Maybe This Time - Cabaret
Ain't Got Time - Zanna, Don't!
Mona Lisa- Guster
I'm Not That Girl - Wicked
Satellite - Dave Matthews Band
Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime - Erasure
In The Air Tonight (Remix) - Phil Collins
You Boys Are Gonna Get Me In Such Trouble - A New Brain
Lost Woman Song - Ani DiFranco
The Asteroid Field - The Empire Strikes Back
A Day In The Life - The Beatles
Both Hands - Ani DiFranco
You And Me And The 10,000 Wars - Indigo Girls
Pray - Once On This Island
Criminal - Fiona Apple
How Glory Goes - Audra McDonald
I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Loved You) - Aretha Franklin
Destruction of Alderaan - Star Wars
Judas' Death - Jesus Christ Superstar (1996)
We Both Reached For The Gun - Chicago
Tomorrow - Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
Space Oddity - David Bowie
Ship of Fools - Erasure
Twenty-One - Tommy
Maria - Sound of Music
Not Guilty - The Beatles
Goodnight Saigon - Billy Joel
Oh l'Amour - Erasure
Stars and the Moon - Songs For A New World
Roasted Dude - Batman
Take My Breath Away - Berlin
Qui Gon, Obi-Wan and Darth Maul Continue Battle - The Phantom Menace
Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries - Fosse
Slow Like Honey - Fiona Apple
First Attack - Les Miserables
Why We Tell The Story - Once On This Island
Make Them Apologize - Ani DiFranco
The Million You Never Made - Ani DiFranco
Summer's Gone - Placebo
The Sun Always Shines on TV - A-Ha
At the End of the Day - Les Miserables
Blank Frank - Brian Eno
Sailing - Liz Callaway
Damned For All Time/Blood Money - Jesus Christ Superstar (1996)
Napoleon - Ani DiFranco
Imitation of Life - R.E.M.
Mack The Knife - Ute Lemper
Smash The Mirror - Tommy
Overlap - Ani DiFranco
Tear Me Down - Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Everyone Hates His Parents - Falsettoland
How Soon Is Now - The Smiths
99 Luftballons - Nena
You Learn - Alanis Morisette
Somewhere - West Side Story
Warehouse (live) - Dave Matthews
Do You Know What It's Like - Zanna, Don't!
All The Wrong Places - Taboo
I Sign For You - Camp
Harvester of Hearts - Rufus Wainwright
Oh Very Young - Cat Stevens
Waterloo - ABBA

I wish I knew more about math so I could figure out the odds of all this. Because I find it strange that, out of 4000+ songs, Erasure came up four times although I only have three of their albums, Les Miz and Once On This Island each came up twice though I have only one recording of each. Yet David Bowie and the Indigo Girls only came up once each, while I have 7 or 8 albums by each of them. If I were only slightly more paranoid, I'd suspect the iPod was making Amazon-like recommendations about what it thinks I like best.

But of course it doesn't do that, so I have no one to blame for my library but myself. So apparently, I listen to an excess of showtunes, really depressing pop-rock, and I'm a big nerd for Star Wars and lesbians.

Which I guess is actually pretty accurate.

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