Thursday, January 01, 2004

Substance Over Style...but still Foxerific!

I'm shocked but pleased -- the Hobbit won World Idol! I swear his voice just doesn't sound like it could come from his body. The voting was extremely consistent. Nearly every country put Kurt first and Kelly second, and had the three contestants who go by only one name somewhere in the last three. Kelly looked shocked, but at least she had better hair and makeup.

I didn't really watch last season's American Idol, but I can't deny I've caught the fever again. The commercials for the new season look fantastic. And there's something encouraging about the two contestants with actual talent winning this version. It's okay, it's not like I watch too much TV or anything.

There was also a commercial for a new show called My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé, in which a woman springs her obnoxious fiancé on her family, as well as the news that they've agreed to have the wedding and its planning televised. It's all a big punk; the man is an actor and the woman gets a million dollars if she makes it through to the "wedding from hell" without telling her family. I hate to admit it but it looks pretty funny. I do, however, want to say, Sanctity of marriage my ass!

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