Saturday, January 24, 2004

Trapped, and getting fatter by the minute

I am, at the moment, trapped inside my building. I suppose this is better than being trapped outside my building, but it is still less-than-ideal.

Apparently, sometime in the 15 minutes or so between when I came home and when I tried to go back out, the doorknob fell off of the front door. I assume that people can get in to the building, as the knob isn't necessary if you have a key, and I'm pretty sure if someone buzzes you in with the intercom you can just push. But getting out is a problem. I could always wait around in the lobby for someone to show up on the other side, but it's really much more comfortable in my apartment.

This is not helping my general fear of fire one bit.

Fortunately, on the way in I picked up a box of new Entenmann's oatmeal raisin cookies, which I swear are laced with crack, so I have a couple of major food groups to live off of.

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