Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Even when I'm not temping, I hate temping

My phone vibrated in the middle of my matinee today. Of course I couldn't answer it , and the voicemail was from a woman at Temp Agency #2, which you'll remember from the Cargo Pants Incident: "Hi, Adam, this is [onsite manager at Huge Pharmaceutical Company], long time no speak, tee hee. Listen, I know your availability is limited, but I have a one day assignment and I was wondering if you'd be interested. It's doing PowerPoint this Monday at [Huge Pharmaceutical Company] for $20 an hour. Give me a call."

Now, I don't give up my day off lightly, but I'm not exactly making a fortune here and I don't give up 20 bucks an hour lightly either. And I've heard that at Huge Pharmaceutical Company you get free samples of Popular Mouthwash and Toothpaste. So after the show I promptly called her back...and the position had been filled.

Now, since what I really wanted was a way to say yes so they'd call me again but not actually give up my Monday, rationally I was quite happy about this turn of events. But my gut reaction was a gigantic what the fuck?? The job is six days away, and project-based, how important can it be to fill it immediately? When I explained to the manager that I'd been in the middle of a show when she called, she said, quite cheerfully, "Yeah, I figured that." Well then couldn't you have figured on waiting more than an hour and a half before offering the job to somebody else? What if I really needed that gig and a mere quirk of cell phone reception or subway timing had kept me from paying my rent this month? Man, I hate them!

It astonishes me that I can get this worked up about these people when I don't actually need them and would much rather sleep 'til noon on Monday anyway. Though this is clearly a good reason to be grateful for my current job. Complaints and all, at least I know exactly how much money I'm getting every week, and when it ends it ends with certainty and I can move on with my life.

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