Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Low School Reunion

I'm not sure I want to dignify High School Reunion with a full post. It's pretty trashy. Don't get me wrong, it's still the best reality show ever, but precisely because of that trashiness, and it just doesn't seem right to give it any intellectual validity by critiquing it. They've really gone out of their way to up the drama factor this season by casting not only the sweethearts who got married after high school and have since divorced, but also the sophomore girl who was supposedly dating the guy until the girl who wound up marrying him told her that she was pregnant with his child (which the sophomore claims she wasn't). Woah! Makes me grateful for my artsy-fartsy high school. We had our share of drama, to be sure, but nothing like that! Maybe it was just the circle of geeks and theater queens I hung out with, but I'm glad to have avoided it either way. The two girls have vastly different versions of what happened, but the announcer continues to paint the one who got married as a complete psycho, which seems unfair. At least there's some balance on the crazies this time with a guy who is also desperate to rekindle his idealized high school romance with a woman who's totally uninterested.

"The Gay Guy" also makes me count my blessings. Starting with the fact that I look better now than I did in high school. But also, this guy is so damn bitter. He keeps saying he has "unresolved issues." I'm not sure that the person I am now would have been happy in high school, but being ignorant of my sexuality definitely had its advantages, and in any case my school was definitely not in Red Rock, TX.

Last season there was a bit of a flap about how the producers had manipulated people's labels and included members of other classes in the reunion. This year they're at least being up front about it. One of the guys went to a different school but apparently dated everyone in this class, and they've got the aforementioned sophomore and her two equally trashy friends, and an older guy who had dated the "Homecoming Queen." It makes sense -- it's not like each class only hung out with its own members, so if you're trying to recreate high school (and all the drama that comes with that), you should mix it up a little. It's just nice that they're acknowledging it. Everyone seems to be owning up to their labels fully, even if some of them are a bit of a stretch.

I don't have a ton of sympathy for most of the "classmates" here, since they chose to go on the show and deserve whatever crazy twists they get. In particular, I think going on a reality show with your ex-husband and trying to win him back (or with your ex-wife who wants to win you back) is probably not the best idea. But I do feel horrible for "The Geek," who is at least as geeky (if not more!) now as he was ten years ago, and has no friends on the show. He must have had friends in high school, as there's never just one geek, and on last year's show there was a handful of outcasts who hung out and bonded. Poor Lenny just sits by himself all the time. Sure, there could be editing trickery involved, but I doubt they asked him to eat dinner just so they could stage a scene of him eating alone.

Um, what was that about not dignifying this show with a real post?

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