Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Of Vampires and Men

I wanted to follow-up on my post about the nutjob who shot a Domino's worker believing he was a vampire. I've received a couple of comments from people who apparently know the victim, David Harrison, found me by Googling the incident, and are understandably unhappy about my glib treatment of a real-life shooting.

Of course, it was insensitive of me to ignore the fact that Mr. Harrison is a real person who has suffered a real tragedy. My intention was merely to point out the stupidity that seems to go along with such crazy people. I'm fascinated by the lack of internal logic that people like this often seem to have -- like if you believe so strongly in vampires that you'll attack innocent people, shouldn't that belief include all the details of the mythology? And in light of all the flap about The Passion, and the creepy website I linked to on that post, I was commenting on how someone who claims to believe in Jesus can think he's doing the right thing by walking into a restaurant and shooting someone. When things baffle me, I tend to use humor to deflate them a little.

I have no way to contact the people who left comments, but hopefully they'll Google again and read this follow-up. I am very happy to hear that Mr. Harrison is alive (and well, I hope?), and we should be grateful, I suppose, that Mr. White didn't use a stake, which, if aimed properly, would surely have had a less happy ending for either vampire or human. Get well soon.

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