Wednesday, March 17, 2004

People are fucked up

The other day, Faustus posted this link on his blog. It's to a comic strip that suggests that role playing games and related fantasy fiction are anti-Christian and will lead to suicide and hell.

Then yesterday, Jenn e-mailed me this:
'Vampire Slayer' Shoots Man In Face
Suspect Reportedly Fascinated With Zombies, Vampires

POSTED: 6:29 a.m. EST March 15, 2004
UPDATED: 2:15 p.m. EST March 15, 2004

Police in Jacksonville, Fla., arrested a man who believed he was a 'vampire slayer' after he allegedly shot his Domino's Pizza co-worker twice in the face because he thought he was a vampire, according to Local 6 News.

Timothy White, 35, who was described by friends as a born-again Christian with an unusual preoccupation with zombies and vampires, was arrested outside of a church after Friday's shooting.

Witnesses said he walked into the pizza shop on Normandy Boulevard and allegedly said David Harrison looked like a vampire. He then allegedly shot Harrison in the face and stomach.

Police said White was heavily armed with a knife, a sawed-off shotgun and three pistols when he was taken into custody.

Harrison is listed in critical condition at a local hospital.

A grief counselor was brought in to help Domino's employees.

White remains in the Duval County Jail Monday.

So of course, I was intrigued right away by the fact that this man was a born-again Christian.

But more importantly, I can't imagine why Mr. White didn't stake Mr. Harrison in the heart. Doesn't he know that bullets can't kill vampires?

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