Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Random Acts of Spending

I'm pretty short on cash right now, yet for some reason I can't stop shopping. Nothing big, mind you, but I keep spending money.

I've decided could pretty much live at The Container Store. I went there yesterday to return one of the shelves I'd bought (I measured badly), and wound up walking out with these neat things that hold excess headphone cable in a cute little capsule. One tiny problem with My Precious is that my headphone has a super-long wire, which when added to the iPod remote becomes super-duper-long. So that takes care of that.

Also on the impulse-buy rack by the register were these brilliant toothbrush holders. How can a toothbrush holder be brilliant, you ask? In this case, it's a little clamshell-like thing that you stick on your wall and that holds the head of your toothbrush. When you put your toothbrush in it instantly closes on it like some kind of alien pod. Pull the brush's handle towards you and it opens right up. It's a marvel of candy-colored plastic engineering, as one would only expect from the marketing geniuses of...Malaysia? Although I've never trusted suction cups (and I never will...I've never forgiven them...for the death of my shower caddy) alien pods are cool!

Leaving The Container Store for my other home away from home, the Apple Store, my incredibly sexy new laptop bag arrived today. Mmmm...ergonomic... And with a special pocket for My Precious! And now the wires won't get all tangled in the strap!

As if that's not geeky enough, tonight I downloaded a nifty little bit of software called Netflix Freak. As I've mentioned before, my Netflix queue currently has 456 movies on it. This is as much because there are a ton of films, both new and old, that I've never seen and feel like I should, as it is because I'm extremely slow about watching them when I have them. Netflix Freak pulls your information off of the Netflix website but in a much prettier and easier-to-manage interface. You can search your queue, and re-order it by dragging, and you can even search for and add new discs. If only it would help me watch the movies.

In other, non-shopping-related news, I walked by a diner today with a sign that said "We now serve cappuccino and expresso," (italics are mine), and I nearly kicked the window in.

Finally, I leave you with this link: God Hates Shrimp

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