Wednesday, March 31, 2004

This is how we jump the shark in the OC, bitch.

With all the catching up on new TV, I almost forgot to write about the ridiculous stunt The OC pulled last week. Since the series began there have been some subtle background references to a TV show called The Valley, which is clearly meant to be The OC. And that was cute, and fine, and only mildly eye-rolling. But last week they went all meta and had half the episode revolve around The Valley shooting on location in Orange County, and Summer drooling all over "the funny one" who "I hear improvises like all his lines so you know it's totally him" (in other words, Adam Brody). When Seth and Ryan meet him, Ryan asks, "How can he get away with playing high school?" Har har har, Benjamin McKenzie and Adam Brody are both 25.

Now, this being The OC, all of this winking was well acted, pretty well written, and surprisingly entertaining. But isn't first season a little too early to be parodying yourself? It doesn't bode well.

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