Monday, March 01, 2004

Well this is unusual…

I had a lovely evening last night with my lovely boyfriend (who brought me flowers for no reason at all).

I slept well.

I was up before noon.

The flowers from Boy have opened and my bedroom smells just the right amount of roses.

It was 70 degrees and sunny today, and I actually managed to get outside before dusk. Without a jacket.

I went to the gym.

I discovered the new low-carb line from Entenmann's and it doesn't taste the least bit like yarn.

I did my taxes, and my federal refund is much bigger than the amount I owe the state and city of New York and it will soon be deposited directly into my checking account. The TurboTax people now even do rebates by direct deposit. My new cell shows no signs of having to be returned, so I sent in the rebate for that too.

I redeemed 2 of my free songs on iTunes (I now have a total of 4).

I cleaned a little.

I'm catching up on my TV.

I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Not one thing.

I feel...lost, somehow...

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