Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Fun With Playlists #6 (April Faves)

The last Fun With Playlists was so much fun that I played it every day for two weeks and got entirely sick of it. I realized that I've not been taking advantage of one of the easiest things to do with my iPod and iTunes: I can make a playlist that I update constantly with whatever's floating my boat right now. I tend to use the automatic Purchased Music and Most Recently Added lists, but those are less fun, and this way I can delete songs as soon as I get sick of them.

I also realized this was a good blogging opportunity, as I can add to my usual TV and movie rants a handy list of what I'm listening to most every month or so. I'm curious to see what sticks around longer (already I've put some things in that I've deleted after a single listen) and what new stuff comes in. So here's the latest...

Current Faves, April '04

(Mixtape purists, please don't complain about the order here because there was no attempt to make one -- I let My Precious pick it on Shuffle.)

Safe in the City
Genocide Peroxide
Out of Fashon
-Boy George/
Toxic - Britney Spears
-Clay Aiken
Worry About You - Ivy
Just Like Heaven - The Cure
Novocaine for the Soul - Eels
Tainted Love (2XS Remix) - Soft Cell
Light And Day/Reach for the Sun - The Polyphonic Spree
Excess - Tricky
Somebody Help Me - Full Blown Rose
Canned Heat - Jamiroquai
El Tango De Roxanne - from
Moulin Rouge
Losing My Mind -Liza Minnelli w/ The Pet Shop Boys (thanks to K. for sending me this!)
Only You (1999 Remix) - Yaz
Working For Vacation - Cibo Matto
Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) - Icicle Works
To You I Bestow - Mundy
Trip On Love - Abra Moore
Freakshow - Ani DiFranco
No Myth - Michael Penn
Defying Gravity
No Good Deed
Midnight Radio - Cyndi Lauper
Tear Me Down - Meat Loaf
Turn Smile Shift Repeat - Phantom Planet
Another National Anthem - from Assassins
Jump in the Line - Harry Belafonte
Gett Off
Purple Rain
On The Tower - Sondre Lerche
Till You Die - Candy Butchers
Famine - Sinead O'Connor
No One Knows My Plan
-The Might Be Giants
If You Were Here - Thompson Twins
If You Leave - OMD
Black Cat Bone - Laika
Big Shot - Billy Joel
She Said - Collective Soul
She Said She Said - The Beatles

In related music news, I also learned a fun trick in MacWorld (it'll work for Windows users too) -- you can make a smart playlist in iTunes of songs that are in your music library that your iPod or iTunes have never played. The play count only changes when a song plays all the way through, so unfortunately it won't count if you advance the track, but it's a great way to go through your collection and not neglect anything.

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