Wednesday, April 07, 2004

That's Sir American Idol to you.

I was excited for the Elton John-themed American Idol this week, because my boy Jon Peter Lewis had done so well with "Tiny Dancer" in the semi-finals. Alas, the boy's rendition of "Rocket Man" (one of my favorite songs) was practically unbearable. Though it was gold compared to that poor girl who couldn't manage to hit a single right note in "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road."

I still don't get George Huff. I thought he was dreadful. I really don't think he was on key for any of "Take Me To The Pilot" (another one of my favorite Elton numbers) but the audience and judges went wild. Every part of his appeal eludes me.

Leave it to Fantasia to steal the show again, and to find away to inject some soul into "Something About The Way You Look Tonight" (not one of my favorite Elton songs, but her version may change that).

It's sad, really, with shows being canceled left and right, Idol may be the most high-quality thing I watch these days.

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