Monday, June 28, 2004

Happy Endings

Following up on some recent posts, plus a couple of random thoughts....

The mean old LitterMaid sold on eBay in two days for my "Buy It Now" price, which was only $10 less than what I'd paid for it originally. I underestimated the shipping costs (which I suppose makes up, karma-wise, for all the times I've overestimated my eBay shipping costs and made a little profit), so with that and the eBay and Paypal fees, I figure I'm out $15 to $20, which seems a reasonable price to pay for a failed but worthwhile experiment. Certainly more reasonable than $90.

[Those of you who don't give a crap about, well, crap, click here for the next item!]

To replace the ATAKT, I spent 20 bucks (the amount I got back when I returned an unopened box of poop bins) on a perfectly simple and effective item: a very deep box with a hood and (this was the fabulous selling point) a little swinging kitty door. The depth and the cover mean that Radish can dig and toss litter around to his heart's content. The door supposedly keeps the odor inside, plus it's cute. I don't know how one measures the claim that something is 99% odor free, but it seems to work, and Radish is such a good burier that I think we'll be able to get away with only scooping a couple of times a week, and not changing the whole thing for weeks at a time. So in the end, not only less money than the LitterMaid, but less money spent on litter, less stinkiness, and actually far less labor. Go figure.

Inspired by my post about getting rid of stuff, and all the lovely, supportive comments, I put about 25 CDs up for sale on Amazon, and about ten of them sold within the first couple of days. I'd looked through iTunes while I was at work and made a list of maybe ten to get rid of, but then when I was actually in front of the shelf I just kept pulling things off of it. This is amazing progress for me! And, it turned out, lucrative too! I was so inspired I started to get rid of more tchotchkes. I started two bags, one to go into storage at my mom's place (she's never going to give up that apartment, and all she's done with my old room is start storing more of her stuff in it), and another for the Broadway Cares flea market in September. I even got wild and crazy and threw some stuff in the garbage. Hey, it's progress. If all goes well, I'll start on the books this week, and maybe finally get around to scanning the boxes of photos that have been on my living room floor for about a year.

The gay celebrity's party wound up not being scary at all. Although I decided at the last minute that the green terrycloth shirt made me look fat, I think it was because I was wearing the very skinny jeans that I've worn once since I bought them a year ago, so that worked out okay (after I changed the shirt). The party wasn't overly crowded, but it was noisy enough to prohibit mingling, and our host was flitting around too much to introduce anyone to anyone else, so I just chatted with my friends and enjoyed my free drinks, which I did not spill. I was by far not the oldest or fattest or hairiest one in the room, and and while one of the moderately famous homosexuals did examine the wine at the open bar, seemingly out of a sense of obligation, no one tried to groom or dress anyone else.

Despite the ridiculous name, Doritos Edge is the best low-carb junk food I've tried yet (the Carb Options salad dressing and Atkins bread are good, but those aren't junk food). It's a soy/corn combo, much tastier than the soy tortilla chips at GNC, and I actually like the lighter texture better than regular Doritos. No illusions or pretensions about them being "healthy," on any diet, either, which I appreciate. I'll have to try the Tostitos version and see if they still taste good without the mysterious flavor powder on them.

And the happiest ending of all...Boy returned home on Saturday night after three long weeks in the ironically named Manhattan, Kansas. And there was much rejoicing!

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