Wednesday, June 23, 2004

It's true, chlamydia is not, in fact, a flower.

My recent post about needing to get rid of junk in my apartment led to a completely unexpected thread of comments about a pamphlet in my college's Health Services office entitled Chlamydia is NOT a flower. In retrospect, I don't think I ever actually saw this brilliantly silly yet oddly effective (hey, I'm never going to forget it) tract -- since Health Services was scary and the one time I set foot inside was for an eye infection so I couldn't see anything anyway -- but once someone mentioned it it became a sort of running gag amongst my friends.

So of course, I had to Google it. I certainly didn't think that the brochure had been unique to my little university, but I was still surprised by how many results the search turned up...and disappointed that none of them were an image of the brochure that I was looking for.

You can learn about Chlamydia, beginning with the useful insight that it is not a flower, here.

This link was to a site where you can order a pamphlet, which I assume was the same one, but now it's asking for a password. Your guess is as good as mine.

"Chlamydia is Not a Flower" is the title of an episode of Amy Sedaris' Strangers With Candy.

It is also the title of a song by a band called Crust (the amusing video for which can be viewed here.

There's a video with the title (actually about the disease, I assume), along with a host of others -- such as Girls, Boys and Sex; Laura's Pregnant; Puberty, Periods and Pimples; Feeling Sexy, Feeling Safe; I Start on Friday (start what??); Janet's Got Her Period; Baby's Fine, But How are You?; and my personal favorites, Manly Desires; Men Who Have Sex With Men; Sex, Guys and Videotapes; Testicular Self-examination Program; and that high school classic, Out in the Bush (school version) -- at this site in Australia.

And last but not least, if you're tired of waiting for a G-Mail invitation, you can always set up an email account at

What the hell did we do before Google?

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