Tuesday, June 08, 2004

This just in: Old People Die!

I'm really tired of Ronald Reagan.

I mean no disrespect by that, really I don't. Whatever evil he might have done while in office, I take no pleasure in the death of a very old man who had a terrible disease.

But that's just it -- he was a very old man who had a terrible disease, and very old men with terrible diseases die. What's the big fucking deal?

On the one hand, I like that this country can still do pomp and circumstance. (I just hope this is the standard procedure for the death of a President, regardless of which party is currently in office. The only one whose death I remember is Nixon, and he seems to be a special case.) The viewing in the Capitol rotunda, the funeral at National Cathedral...it all seems very British. Or maybe very Evita. But do we need to hear about it every hour of every day for the entire week? Do we need a picture of Nancy lying on the coffin on the cover of the Post? Seriously, is anyone surprised?

I suppose this has always been my family's attitude toward death. Well, toward this type of death. When my father died of cancer in his 50s, it was a big deal. When my grandfather died a couple of years ago at the age of 90-something, not so much. He didn't even want a funeral.

Of course it's sad when someone you love leaves your life, but folks, old people die. Ex-presidents get old and die. Dogs and cats get old and die. Even Isabelle Stevenson eventually got old and died. I'm just saying, it's not news.

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