Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Bride Gamera

If the gays do ever get the right to marry, we've got to come up with a less ridiculous website than The Knot. Useful? Extremely. Tacky? Even more so.

I mean, I know a great many brides (and some grooms, probably, let's not be sexist about this) are totally into the little curlicues and pink backgrounds and excessive exclamation points, but for most of my friends it's just way out of character.

So when I went to look up a gift registry today, and saw at the top of the couple's page (which they've made as personal and appropriate as possible, though it's still pretty flowery by nature) a very excited (and presumably automatic) 60 days to go! I knew I had to mock a little bit.

So I IMed the bride (who shall remain nameless, though no doubt she'll take issue with this post and comment, destroying her anonymity)...

Adam875: 60 days to go!
Bride: til what?
Adam875: your wedding, according to
Bride: oh
Bride: crap
Adam875: boy and i are laughing at you, right now
Bride: you're a big help
Bride: both of you
Adam875: hee
Bride: wait, why are you two lurking around the knot web page, anyway?
Adam875: do you not want a gift?
Bride: ah.
Bride: yes, i suppose we might.

I kinda feel like I'm more excited about this wedding than she is.

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