Monday, September 20, 2004

Adventures in Real Estate and Finances

Boy and I went to Home Depot this morning to order our kitchen appliances. They should arrive on Thursday, though whether we will be "living" in the apartment at that time is still anyone's guess. They make me happy though -- we went with "GE CleanSteel," a faux stainless steel which doesn't take fingerprints and can hold magnets, and which, considering the source, I'm sure was developed for some sort of very tidy military purpose. Maybe Martha Stewart has a missile system protecting her home. Anyway, we think it will offset the orange stripe nicely, a fun mix of modern and Trading Spaces country.

Tomorrow, the Star Wars DVDs are released, and so my pre-order from months ago on Amazon ships, and the credit card charge must have gone through today.

The nice people at Discover just called me to make sure my credit card hadn't been stolen. I'm sure that Home Depot and Amazon are great, busy places to slip unauthorized charges through unnoticed, but are there really lots of thieves out there buying refrigerators and Luke Skywalker?

I'm glad they called me and the system works, of course, but I do find it funny because my Discover Card has a limit of $12,000. I never asked for this, of course. Until now I've mostly used my credit card as a convenience, rather than a way to spend more money than I have. So my balance is low and I pay it every month, and either as a reward for my "good" behavior, or as an incentive for me to spend more money so the company can profit from "bad" behavior, they raise my limit about twice a year.

What's funny is that they're actively encouraging me to spend twelve grand, but bells go off as soon as I break a thousand.

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