Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Shiiiiinyyyyy Preciousssssss

Okay, the 4G iPod is hot. It's soooo pretty. On a purely aesthetic level, I love that it's no longer entirely white. The click wheel takes some getting used to if you're used to the old touch-sensitive buttons, but that's easy. The big differences are the little ones – the changes to the software you may recall me bitching about when they came out but weren't available for earlier models. The menus have been cleaned up a little, with some new options that I never thought I needed until I got them. Among the high points are the new Audiobook features: you can speed them up or slow them down without changing the pitch, and you can "bookmark" them if you go listen to something else. I have never in my life listened to an audiobook, but I'm going to download some just to play with the new toy.

Kudos too to Apple (and Amazon, from whom I ordered my headphones because I can't stand those stupid little earbuds which are not only uncomfortable but sound bad to boot) for getting my shipment out so fast, and with the free shipping no less. Three business days from my order and my precious is here from China. Good stuff.

Ah, preciousssssss iPodses....

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