Friday, October 22, 2004

Adventures in Home Owning: It's a Gas

It was supposed to be simple. It's not like we're buying a ramshackle Victorian that all of our friends will help us fix up in a montage in the third act while a Starship song plays in the background. But even with an apartment, even with a super and common areas and a pretty fair guarantee of structural soundness, there are things we just never thought about when we were renting. First there was buying the appliances, and now there's getting them to work without killing us.

I had hoped to post photos of the kitchen today with its orange stripe and Ikea goodies and shiny shiny appliances, but, well, not so much.

I got up at the ass crack of dawn this morning (after a hideous transit drama getting home last night) to go over to the new place and wait for the gasman to come turn on the gas. He was early, the process was fast, and everything worked fine. Only when he was gone I still smelled gas. A lot. So I called them and told them I had a leak. Enter gasman number two, who reeked of alcohol, which didn't exactly inspire confidence. He seemed to have his shit together though, so to make myself feel better I decided he was hungover instead of currently drunk. Anyway, turns out there's a faulty valve in the oven. So he turned the gas back off, and I called GE to schedule a repair, then called Keyspan to schedule having the gas turned back on.

I guess I should explain, this is all so important because it's tied (somewhat inexplicably) to our mortgage. It seems when you buy a co op, and the bank appraises the place, it matters to them that it has a "working" kitchen. I don't really understand this, since people buy places and fix them up all the time, and most buyers don't have the luxury of all this time to do work prior to closing that we've had, but there it is. So when we had our inspection a while back, they appraised the apartment but said that they have to come back when the kitchen is finished to finalize it, and until that's done we can't lock in the mortgage. It's all intensely frustrating. To say nothing of how excited I was to install my Grundtal dish rack today.

I was supposed to spend the morning with the super doing the rest of the little repairs that are needed, but since we'll have to hang out there for two days next week and I was tired and cranky, I asked if he minded doing it next week and came home to nap with the kitten.

If I were in a better mood, I'd find much more humor in the fact that I myself am also extremely gassy today.

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