Sunday, October 17, 2004

Adventures in Real Estate: The Final Battle??

Boy and I met with three of the seven co-op board members on Thursday night. They were lovely. As we'd suspected, they knew next to nothing about our situation and our long tale of drama. They hadn't even been given our application package for a month after we turned it in. In a way, this is good news, because it means our neighbors, and the people who run the building, are not crazy or unreasonable after all. They were very nice, entirely logical, and a little bit appalled to hear what we'd been through. And one of them was very gay.

The bad news is, this means that every time I spoke to the woman in the management office, she lied to me. She never spoke to the board, the board never rejected our application (hell, they never got our application!), and they took our money to process it all and then didn't actually do anything with it. In fact, it seemed as though, had they known about it, the board would have approved the sublet, since they all seemed to think it was a little ridiculous.

I'm more happy that the meeting went well than upset that management fucked us over. There's a satisfaction to knowing that they're going to hear about this from the board (which, technically, employs them, and can fire them if they choose), and in knowing that the people who really matter are on our side. We're settled in at Boy's, and our current schedule is working out well. Fingers crossed, this is the end to drama!

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