Thursday, October 07, 2004

Continuing Adventures in Home Owning

The other day, Boy got a strange message on his home machine – a number he never gives out – from a heavily accented woman who appeared to have something to do with our co-op board. He called back and got a machine, and left both of our cell phone numbers.

Yesterday, the same woman called my general manager’s office looking for me. Now somewhere in our huge pile of information this is listed as my employer's number, but of course I work at the theater and not in the office. Meanwhile, both of our cell numbers are all over the application, and on our letterhead, and this woman still hasn't called either of them.

Anyway, so I called her back and got her instead of a machine, and much confusion ensued. First there was the issue that I could barely understand a word she was saying, and I suspect she wasn't doing much better with me. Then, after I tried to give her the right numbers for us (not sure if I was successful), she announced that we had a meeting with the board on Saturday morning.

Um...okay, first of all, we both work on Saturday. And second of all, what's this meeting for?

"You want to buy apartment, right?"

"Riiiight, but we don't need board approval for the sale."


"Apartment 5R is unsold shares, we don't need approval."

"Then why do I have a package for you?"

Thus began a long and not entirely successful explanation of the sublet situation.

"Oh, no... you can't do that! You can't move in before you close!"

"Yes. I know."

Now, of course, we're happy, if not downright anxious to meet the board. They're going to be our neighbors, after all, with a fair amount of control over our lives, and we've been dumped into an unusual and awkward situation. So I set up a different time for this meeting to happen. The upsetting thing is that this woman, who supposedly was part of the process that denied our sublet application in fact knew nothing about our sublet application. This implies that the management company (which arguably will have even more control over our lives) never really communicated the situation properly (or, perhaps, never included the lovely cover letter I wrote with our sublet application) and has been fucking with us all along.

The board meeting is next week, and I just pray that someone in the room speaks English so I can properly recap our situation and try to get to the bottom of this. 'Cause I am pissed off.

In happier apartment news, our shiny new appliances arrived yesterday. Okay, so the oven door doesn't open because there's a radiator in the way. So what? And the fridge is a little bigger than we expected – we never quite accounted for the depth properly. But it's all good. The super is going to move the counter over so we can move the stove over and open it properly, and we think swapping the fridge door to the other side will help us out there. Both pieces look fabulous, and have exactly the effect we'd hoped for with the orange stripe. As soon as I get my laptop back (hopefully tomorrow?) I'll post photos.

Okay, the cable guy's here! Boy's is feeling more and more like home every day!

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